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Meet our


Toor is a collection of whiskies that will challenge the stigma but respect the tradition of the whisky world. 

Our philosophy: bringing the old and the new together. We open the experience of enjoying whisky to all.





Danielle graduated from Stellenbosch University with a business degree and worked in the corporate world for 6 years. She traded in her heels for tekkies and followed her heart to the Karoo where she experimented with making Tequila. This journey led her to establish Dona Distillery with the aim to bring new and exciting spirits to the local and international market.

Our Distillery

TOOR has been skillfully crafted by the alchemists at Doña Distillery, a craft distillery in Cape Town. This female only team develops innovative and exciting new products with a passion that is reflected in every aspect of their approach, from local ingredient sourcing to fermenting, distilling, bottling and hand labelling each product that leaves Doña.

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Our Process

TOOR combines whisky distilled at Doña distillery and whiskies sourced from all over the world to make and blend it’s chosen releases. Our whisky distilled at Doña is made in a process that combines technology with tradition, known as vacuum distilling. During production, a vacuum is created inside our still and distillation is performed under reduced pressure. The result is compounds that separate as if by magic based on their respective boiling points. This allows TOOR to be distilled at cold temperatures, leaving the molecules unchanged for a fresher, smoother flavour. Distilling whisky in a vacuum is not for the faint of heart, which is why we do it! And it’s what gives TOOR its dynamic character as a whisky fit for every feast and any occasion.


Toor: The unicorn

of whiskies

Available to purchase today!

Magically Transforms from neat to mixed

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