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Toor Grain



Our first release is a grain whisky aged in ex Bourbon American oak and finished in French Oak. Our distiller sourced, blended and aged the liquid to deliver on the profile she wanted to create for this specific release.


Bottled at 43%


TOOR Grain Whisky is a rich, smooth whisky with a warm, amber colour. A nose of elegant vanilla and roasted oak gives way to a well-balanced nutty, caramel and stone-fruit palate. TOOR Grain Whisky has a well-refined finish with hints of maple and earth. 


Our whisky is made to be enjoyed any way you want. Have it neat, mix it up and experiment with cocktails. Our name and logo embraces our philosophy of bringing the old and the new together and want to open the experience of
enjoying whisky to all.

Make TOOR the centrepiece of any occasion, the perfect drink to accompany your lifestyle.

Camel Thorn Desert Smoke.jpg

Of course. We have more.


Toor: The unicorn

of whiskies

Available to purchase today!

Magically Transforms from neat to mixed

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