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What is Whisky Aperitif?

Whisky is made with grain spirit aged in wooden casks. As soon as anything else touches the liquid it is no longer allowed to be called whisky.

At Toor we’ve always wanted to showcase South African flavours with whisky so we have been working with our regulators to deliver a spirit that is a whisky at heart but which is amplified with local flavours. 

In South Africa we have recently been given the Whisky Aperitif category which allows us to amplify our grain whisky by post ageing rapidly exposing it to our chosen flavours using our unique technology at Doña distillery. To adhere to the rules we will always use real whisky as our base liquid, and then enhance it with natural ingredients which has to be bottled at a maximum of 30% ABV.

Under Danielle’s watchful eye we have been experimenting with many flavours and will be releasing more over the coming years so keep an eye out.


A beautiful floral sweetness on the nose. This combination of Toor original & Rooibos marries the complex flavours of oak with subtle rooibos aromas leaving a lingering floral note on the palet.


Cocktail 05 with Camel thorn bottle.jpg

Of course. We have more.


Toor: The unicorn

of whiskies

Available to purchase today!

Magically Transforms from neat to mixed

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